Ubisoft's The Settlers reboot launches in March • Eurogamer.net

Building anticipation.

Ubisoft has announced details and a release date for its upcoming reboot of The Settlers, which will arrive for PC on 17th March.

The city-building and real-time strategy revival returns after more than a decade in the wilderness (The Settlers 7 launched back in 2010).

A closed beta will be held via the Epic Game Store and Ubisoft Connect next week, from Thursday 20th to Monday 24th January, which you can sign up for via thesettlers.com.

Today's trailer, above, treats us to a look at some of the environments available to explore, specialised Settlers, plus a glimpse at a story campaign and multiplayer battles.

This version of The Settlers was first announced back in 2018, with an initial 2019 release window. But delays to the game saw it pushed back - and then removed from Ubisoft's release schedule altogether.

In a more hopeful update, Ubisoft last month promised new news on the game would materialise in January - and indeed, here we are now. So, how do you think it's looking?

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