Xbox Series X/S has now hit 1m UK sales too •

December was its best sales month ever. 

Combined sales of the Xbox Series X and S hit the 1m sales milestone in the UK during December, has reported. It was the platform's best sales month yet - even beating its launch.

PlayStation 5 passed the same 1m UK sales mark back in August last year, just 39 weeks after launch.

Sales of both Microsoft and Sony's consoles have suffered from constant supply issues which have created shortages of stock. But December saw Microsoft manage a "significant increase in stock of the X version of the console", which helped boost console sales by more than 100 percent month-on-month.

However, the best-selling console in the UK during December was neither the PS5 or the Xbox Series X/S. Indeed, Nintendo's Switch pipped Microsoft's Xboxes to be the UK's top-selling console yet again - even after a particularly successful Black Friday and November.

In total, 560k game consoles were sold in the UK over December, with a value just shy of £200m.

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