Guerilla reveals Horizon Forbidden West's new factions •

Aloy, bronze and aluminium. 

Sony really doesn't want you to forget Horizon Forbidden West is out next month, so it's shared yet more details on its upcoming blockbuster.

A new video released today outlines five different tribes that roam around the world of Horizon, as well a mysterious sixth tribe far in the Forbidden West which remains ambiguous.

First, the Oseram return and appear to remain more technologically advanced compared to the other tribes.

The Carja also make a return, guarding the kingdom against the Forbidden West.

The Utaru, a tribe only briefly mentioned in Horizon Zero Dawn, becomes an integral part of Forbidden West's story, with Aloy exploring their homeland of Plainsong.

Finally, the Tenakth consists of three clans that are united in a fragile peace after generations of bloodshed to fight Regalla and her rebels.

Yesterday, Sony also announced a Horizon spin-off game for the PlayStation VR2 called Horizon Call of the Mountain.

The game is developed by Guerrilla in collaboration with recently-acquired UK studio Firesprite.

Horizon Forbidden West launches for PS4 and PS5 next month on 18th February, just in case you forgot.

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